Professional Networks Funding (Round 2) Oct - Nov 2021

From the CSP Professional Networks office:

From feedback in April both internally and externally, the process for submitting in the second round remains the same as April this year. A short pre-recorded video will therefore be required and this replaces the 1000 word written application that had been requested in previous years. We have used a similar format for other types of submission in the CSP, and feel this would allow PN’s to not only explain the project in more detail, but also to get across more information than 1000 word limit that was previously in place. The guidance document has also been reviewed again, and we hope to have added more detail with regards to what we are looking for, in terms of the scoring of the projects in order to offer out funding.

The funding tiers have also been replaced and we would ask for you to offer a realistic amount for your project that is below £10,000. Exclusions for funding still apply, and more information can be found in the guidance document.

We appreciate that we are still in a very busy period for all our members but hope that this allows for more clarity and an opportunity for all professional networks whether clinical or non-clinically focussed, to apply for any type of project that you see as relevant and beneficial. Therefore the funding for this 2nd round of submissions will open on October 1st and close on November 12th (noon). All decisions and feedback will be emailed and /or discussed back to the PN’s by the end of November.

Please find embedded the guidance and submission forms for the second round of professional network project funding in 2021.  

Please do contact the Professional Network office in the meantime if you would like to chat further regarding the submission process, any issues submitting or if anything isn’t clear.

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