Associate Membership

Who can apply for associate membership?

Available to UK and international qualified health professionals working in the field of occupational health and ergonomics including (but not limited to) occupational therapists, registered general nurses, occupational health advisors, occupational health physicians, graduate ergonomists, Chiropractors and student physiotherapists - such membership being at the Executive’s discretion. Associate members must have equivalent professional membership.

Costs (as of Jan 2021) remains at £50 per annum

Benefits of Associate membership:

Same benefits as a Standard member, but does not include the right to vote on ACPOHE matters and nominate yourself to hold office on the ACPOHE executive committee.

Additional benefits:

  • Free access to complete the new ACPOHE OH Essentials E – learning Module 1 an introduction to occupational health and Module 2 Report writing and completion of Fitness for work reports.
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