Registered Membership

Who can apply for registered membership?

Current members of ACPOHE are eligible to apply for registered membership.  Click Here for a summary of  ACPOHE registered membership;  the benefits and  requirements. 

Routes to registered membership

There are three routes to registered membership to choose from depending on how you personally have developed your skills and knowledge in the field. 

Read the summary information and select the Route you wish to follow

Route 1 Educational achievement

There are a number of UK based Masters level educational courses that develop knowledge and skills in the work and health field. Members who have achieved an M level Certificate, Diploma or MSc in a relevant subject may apply for registered membership by submission of their qualification certificate.

The qualification should be from one of the UK university courses on the ACPOHE list. We are aware that some courses have been discontinued. We have a short but not comprehensive list of discontinued courses.   If your qualification is in ergonomics (applied / health) occupational health, health and safety, vocational rehabilitation, occupational rehabilitation from a UK university please apply.

*Members who have achieved a postgraduate qualification in an allied subject from another university may be considered but must enclose a full academic transcript for their course

Download the Registration Application Handbook for Route 1. 

Follow the instructions and submit your documents to the ACPOHE Administrative Office. 

Please note that the Route 1 application is very simple

• Request two professional references which should be sent direct to the ACPOHE admin office

• Send a copy of your certificate of educational achievement (signed by a professional colleague to state that they have seen the original) to the ACPOHE admin office by post or email. Please include a covering letter or email to say you are applying for registered membership by route 1. If you do email, please request a read receipt.

Please note that from 31st July 2013 there will be a charge of £50 for registration via route 1.

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