Registered Membership

Who can apply for registered membership?

This will still be open to all Standard or Technical ACPOHE members who demonstrate a recognised level of expertise within occupational health. There are currently x3 Routes to follow but there will also be the addition of a further Route 4: Appraisal Process (to be introduced in 2022).

Those who are already Registered members would have access to the on-line training modules.

Costs (as of Jan 2022) will remain the same at £50 per annum. However, in order to become registered, dependent on the route taken, there is an additional one off cost for doing this. Please see costs below.


Need more help?

If you have any questions about or need more support in your application for Registered membership our Membership Secretary can help. Please send an email to and we'll put you in touch. 

Benefits of Registered Membership:

Same benefits as a standard member.

Additional Benefits:

  • Recognition of advanced knowledge and skills.
  • Status flagged on Find A Physio.
  • Use of badge and logo.
  • State you are Reg. Mem ACPOHE.
  • Eligible to apply to become mentors / tutors.   
  • SEQOHS accreditation process.
  • Tenders / new business.
  • Access to on line training modules:
  • Module 1:  Introduction to Occupational Health
  • Module 2: Report Writing and the Fit note
  • Module 3: Law and Occupational Health
  • Module 4: Occupational Epidemiology
  • Module 5: Understanding Behaviour at Work
  • Module 6: Risk Assessment and Management
  • Module 7: Workplace Health Promotion
  • Module 8: Assessment of Fitness for Work
  • Module 9: Return to Work Planning and Guidance


Routes to registered membership

There are three routes to registered membership to choose from depending on how you personally have developed your skills and knowledge in the field. 

Read the summary information and select the route you wish to follow.

Download the ACPOHE Professional Reference request form here:

Route 1 Educational achievement

There are a number of UK based Masters level educational courses that develop knowledge and skills in the work and health field. Members who have achieved an M level Certificate, Diploma or MSc in a relevant subject may apply for registered membership by submission of their qualification certificate.

The qualification should be from one of the UK university courses on the ACPOHE list. We are aware that some courses have been discontinued. We have a short but not comprehensive list of discontinued courses.   If your qualification is in ergonomics (applied / health) occupational health, health and safety, vocational rehabilitation, occupational rehabilitation from a UK university please apply.

*Members who have achieved a postgraduate qualification in an allied subject from another university may be considered but must enclose a full academic transcript for their course.

Download the Registration Application Handbook for Route 1. 

Follow the instructions and submit your documents to the ACPOHE Administrative Office. 

Please note that the Route 1 application is very simple.

  • Request two professional references which should be sent direct to the ACPOHE admin office
  • Send a copy of your certificate of educational achievement (signed by a professional colleague to state that they have seen the original) to the ACPOHE admin office by post or email. Please include a covering letter or email to say you are applying for registered membership by route 1. If you do email, please request a read receipt.

Cost: £50.00


Route 2 Short course and case study route

Download the Registration Application Handbook for Route 2. 

Members who have completed 4* ACPOHE courses** are eligible to apply for registered membership via the short courses and case study route.

Courses must include:

  • Occupational Health Essentials for Physiotherapists (Modules 1-9) (currently online) or Introduction to Occupational Health (including post course assignment if you completed the course after 2011), as it was formerly known;
  • Introduction to Applied Ergonomics

Plus 2 from the following ACPOHE courses (note that we're not running all of these courses at the moment):

  • Office Workstation Ergonomics level 1
  • Office Workstation Ergonomics level 2
  • Office Ergonomics (DSE ) level 1 online blended learning course (includes 2 units)
  • Remote DSE Assessment Best Practice - online (you must also have completed Office Ergonomics (DSE ) level 1)
  • Office Ergonomics (DSE) Competency to Practice (Unit 3)
  • Assessment of Fitness for Work Course (AFFW)
  • Manual Handling: Train the Trainer
  • Vehicle Ergonomics ONLINE Course
  • Dealing with Chronic Pain Cases in the Workplace online workshop
  • Occupational Rehabilitation and Work Hardening
  • Communication for Better Outcomes: Using a cognitive behavioural approach in occupational health
  • Work relevant Upper Limb Disorders: prevention and management
  • Moving and Handling: preventing injury and ill health at work

* Members who undertook ACPOHE courses before 2008 (eg 3 day Introduction to Occupational Health and 3 day Applied Ergonomics) or previous versions can also apply for membership via this route. Please note that you do not need to have undertaken 4 of the current courses. You must provide your certificate of attendance for ACPOHE courses pre 2008.

** Courses from other organisations will be considered if they meet the following criteria:

  • Course content must be consistent with ACPOHE course or suitably reflect the Level B requirements on the ACPOHE OH competency framework.
  • The course MUST have an assessable component.
  • The course must be supported by a higher education institute or other recognized professional body e.g. IOSH, HSE etc.

Applicants must submit their certificates of attendance for the eligible courses and where applicable their certificate to demonstrating that they passed the Introduction to Occupational Health Course.

Case study element: You must also submit one case study to demonstrate your work in the field. The evidence submitted for the case study should demonstrate that you meet the Level B requirements on the ACPOHE OH competency framework.

One resubmission is allowed and must be submitted within 1 year of the date of your application for registered membership.

Cost: £250.00


Route 3 In depth case studies assignment route

Download the Registration Application Handbook for Route 3. 

This route is for full members of ACPOHE who have developed their knowledge and skills in occupational health and ergonomics through their work and personal development activities but have not have undertaken university accredited courses or ACPOHE courses

Applicants for registered membership through the in depth case study route need to submit 2 in depth case studies. One should be in their field of expertise and the other in another area of the discipline to demonstrate their working knowledge across the specialty. The evidence submitted for the case study should demonstrate that you meet the Level B requirements on the ACPOHE OH competency framework.

Note: One resubmission is allowed and must be submitted within 1 year of the date of your application for registered membership.

Cost: £500.00.


ACPOHE advises members to download and read the ACPOHE registration application handbook for Routes 1, 2 or 3 prior to making your application


Download the ACPOHE Professional Reference request form here:


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