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ACPOHE membership Structure

Recent  changes to the ACPOHE membership

On the back of information presented at the ACPOHE study day in April 2018, and then agreement from membership in November 2019, it was agreed the current structure of the membership would be reviewed and the introduction of a new Technical membership was introduced. 

Why change the current structure?

1) The overall aim is to improve the quality, skills and competency within Occupational Health Physiotherapy and ensure all members have a basic skill set to be able to work within this specialism.

2) Promote the profession within this speciality. 

3) Raise the bar.

4) Become more aligned to other Occupational Health Professional memberships and organisations.

How To Join

Standard Membership is open to practicing members of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy who have an interest in occupational health and ergonomics.

Annual Standard membership is  £50 per annum.


Technical Membership is open to all members who have completed the Occupational Health Essentials course modules 1-9 either through the face to face course or online E learning modules.

Those members who can demonstrate they have already completed the Introduction to Occupational Health course can automatically gain Technical Membership status and have access to the on line training modules. Members would have to provide their certificate and evidence of passing the post course assignment, apart from those that completed this prior to 2011.

Annual Technical membership is £50 per annum.


Registered Membership is open to all members who demonstrate a recognised level of expertise within occupational health.

Annual Registered membership is  £50 per annum.


International Membership is open to qualified physiotherapists working and registered by their governing body in other countries and to CSP members working abroad.

Annual International membership is  £50 per annum.


Associate Membership is available to qualified health professionals working in the field of occupational health and ergonomics including (but not limited to) occupational therapists, registered general nurses, occupational physicians, graduate ergonomists, Chiropractors and student physiotherapists - such membership being at the Executive’s discretion. Associate members must have equivalent health/professional/association membership.

Annual Associate membership is  £50 per annum.


Corporate Membership is for larger organisations that employ 5 or more occupational health physiotherapists and gives a 20% discount. However, organisations taking corporate membership will need to demonstrate that they have achieved or are working towards SEQOHS accreditation. To do this please send the organisation's name and list of employed physios to become ACPOHE members to our Admin Office (

Annual Corporate membership is £40 per annum (with 20% discount).


How to join online

This is the easiest and quickest way to join, using our secure online process to set up an annual Direct Debit payment via GoCardless.  It typically takes 3-5 minutes if you already have a CSP website account and access to ACPOHE member content on the website is immediate.  

Click on the Join ACPOHE online today box below and: 

Choose Standard membership if you should be a Standard member (i.e. are a member of the CSP) or have achieved Registered or Technical ACPOHE membership. We hold details of your membership status. 

Choose Associate membership if you're not a member of the CSP but work or have an interest in Occupational Health and Ergonomics in the UK. 

If you  wish to join as a Student, International or Corporate member, please email


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