Technical Membership

Who can apply for Technical Membership?

Requirement will be, to already be a Standard member of ACPOHE and then completion of the Occupational Health Essentials course Modules 3-9 either through the face to face course or online learning, to be able to demonstrate level B competency against the ACPOHE framework.

Those who can demonstrate they have already completed the Introduction to OH course would automatically gain Technical membership status and have access to the online training modules. Members would have to provide their certificate along with evidence of passing the post course assignment. Apart from those who completed this prior to 2011.

Costs (as of Jan 2023) Annual Membership fee once Technical membership gained will remain at £50.

Fee for the Occupational Health Essentials online course is £250 including marking of the assignment.

Fee for 3-day face to face course £455.



Benefits of Technical membership:

Same benefits as a standard member.

Additional benefits:

  • Recognition of extended knowledge and skills.
  • Status flagged on find a physio
  • State you are a Tech. mem ACPOHE
  • Use of badge and logo
  • Access to the on-line training modules.
  • Module 1:  Introduction to Occupational Health
  • Module 2: Report Writing and the Fit note
  • Module 3: Law and Occupational Health
  • Module 4: Occupational Epidemiology
  • Module 5: Understanding Behaviour at Work
  • Module 6: Risk Assessment and Management
  • Module 7: Workplace Health Promotion
  • Module 8: Assessment of Fitness for Work
  • Module 9: Return to Work Planning and Guidance
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