Technical Membership

Who can apply for technical membership?

Requirement will be, to already be a Standard member of ACPOHE and then completion of the OH Essential course modules 3-9 either through the face to face course or E- learning modules, to be able to demonstrate level B competency against the ACPOHE framework.

Those who can demonstrate they have already completed the Introduction to OH course would automatically gain Technical membership status and have access to the on-line training modules. Members would have to provide their certificate along with evidence of passing the post course assignment. Apart from those who completed this prior to 2011.

Costs ( as of Jan 2019) Annual Membership fee once Technical membership gained will remain at £50

Fee for the E- Learning on line course £250 including hour marking of assignment.

Fee for 3-day face to face course £455



Benefits of Technical membership:

Same benefits as a standard member 

Additional benefits:

  • Recognition of extended knowledge and skills.
  • Status flagged on find a physio
  • State you are a Tech. mem ACPOHE
  • Use of badge and logo
  • Access to the on-line training modules.
  • Module 1:  Introduction to Occupational Health
  • Module 2: Report Writing and the Fit note
  • Module 3: Law and Occupational Health
  • Module 4: Occupational Epidemiology
  • Module 5: Understanding Behaviour at Work
  • Module 6: Risk Assessment and Management
  • Module 7: Workplace Health Promotion
  • Module 8: Assessment of Fitness for Work
  • Module 9: Return to Work Planning and Guidance
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