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ACPOHE regularly runs courses to enable physiotherapists to gain the specialist knowledge required to practice in this field. Some of our courses are open to other Health Professionals such as Occupational Health Advisors/Physicians or OTs.

Check out our What courses should I do? webpage for help on which courses might be suitable for you.

Our courses are stand-alone.  If you are starting out in Occupational Health and Ergonomics, we recommend that you attend "Occupational Health Essentials" and "Introduction to Applied Ergonomics for Physiotherapists" first as they introduce some of the basic concepts. Some of our courses such as "Office WorkStation Ergonomics (DSE) Level 2" is offered at a more advanced level for physiotherapists wishing to further expand their skills in a particular area and may have a number of pre-requisites.  Where any pre-requisites exist this will be clearly indicated in the course information.

Attendance at ACPOHE courses is open to all ACPOHE members. Becoming an ACPOHE member will further support your professional practice and understanding in Work and Health.  We encourage members from all professional groups. You can join ACPOHE either as a Standard or Associate member here.

If you would prefer not to join ACPOHE but wish to book on our courses, we have a yearly access fee for non members. This is £100 per year. Please contact our admin office at to book this way.  

Please address all course enquiries to ACPOHE’s Admin Office at


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If you are interested in attending a course and there is as yet no dates arranged on the website please let our admin team know of your interest by sending an email to

We try and keep a list of courses that we provide on the website even if no dates have been arranged. 

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic our current courses are online only but we are hoping to resume in person courses as soon as we can. 


2021 - 2022 ACPOHE COURSES

Your place on the course will only be secured once payment has been processed.   In circumstances where a place is funded through the NHS or other organisation we still require full payment to secure your place and recommend you make a personal payment if the funding is delayed.  ACPOHE will reimburse any duplicate of payment, should this occur. 


Attendance on ACPOHE courses is open to all ACPOHE members. You can join ACPOHE either as a Standard or Associate member here


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Occupational Health Essentials for Physiotherapists (Modules 1-9) - ONLINE

40 hour independent online learning aimed at Physiotherapists new to Occupational Health, to provide you with an ‘essential’ grounding into this specialism.  Successful completion of all 9 modules leads to Technical Membership of ACPOHE.  Also required for Registered Membership via Route 2. Module 1 is free for CSP members, Module 2 is free for ACPOHE members. The fee for Modules 3 - 9 is £250.00.

This course is online learning only and therefore is available at any time. Click here for more information

If you'd like to access Module 1 (free to CSP members) and Module 2 (free to ACPOHE members), please send an email with your CSP number, if you have one, to

Please get in touch with our admin office to book


NEW Office Ergonomics (DSE ) level 1 online blended learning course (includes 2 units) 

Unit 1 is self-directed learning (approximately 2 - 3 hours) undertaken online and completion is required prior attendance at Unit 2 on the dates shown below. Click on the links below for more information. 

Unit 2 date(s):

Completion of Unit 1 prior to the Unit 2 date is essential.  This will involve approximately 3 hours of independent learning and access details will be sent once payment has been made.


Office WorkStation Ergonomics (DSE) Level 1 face to face

This 2 day face to face Workstation (DSE) Ergonomics for Physiotherapists course is designed for physiotherapists who have had limited or no experience in the area of conducting office ergonomics assessments or who are looking for a refresher. 

If you are interested in attending this course when we run it,  please register your interest by emailing our admin team on


NEW Remote DSE Assessment Best Practice - online

90 minute workshop via Zoom. Learn how DSE assessment can be undertaken effectively online.  This course considers practical and technical issues that may arise. Training will be delivered in small groups of four therapists to allow the training to be adapted to suit the needs of the participants.

This course will NOT teach participants how to perform a DSE assessment. It is a pre-course requirement that participants are already competent DSE assessors and have completed at least 20 face to face DSE assessments prior to this course. 

  • 20 January 2022 - Registration at 16:15 - course is 16:30 - 18:00, via Zoom - CLICK HERE TO BOOK
  • 21 April 2022 - booking links coming soon. If you are interested in attending this course when we run it on this or other dates,  please register your interest by emailing our admin team on


NEW Introduction to Applied Ergonomics – New blended learning course (includes 2 modules)

Module 1 - 10-15 hours of online learning at your own pace, including a multiple-choice test must be completed prior to attending Module 2, the interactive study day via Zoom, on the dates below. Click on the links below for more information. 

Module 2 dates:


NEW Manual Handling: Train the Trainer - Live Interactive Study Day 

This interactive online course provides physiotherapists with the skills needed to develop and deliver an engaging and evidence-based manual handling workshop. 


NEW  Vehicle Ergonomics ONLINE Course 

This 2–3 hour independent online learning course includes provision of a new electronic Vehicle Assessment Form to assist you when undertaking these assessments.  This is a highly practical course with plenty of top tips on how best undertake these assessments based on a systems approach to ergonomics.  

It includes case-studies, videos and links to further resources.   We recommended that you have some prior knowledge of ergonomics prior to undertaking this course, such as attendance at ACPOHE's Introduction to Applied Ergonomics Course, or similar training. 


NEW Assessment of Fitness for Work Course (AFFW) online plus face to face study day - SLOUGH

How much do you really know about Assessment of Fitness for Work? Do you use appropriate and validated objective functional measures based on worker job demands? Do you always ensure patient safety during your fitness for work testing but also gain the most relevant information during your assessment? Want to learn more or update your skills? Our course will provide you with the confidence to competently assess fitness for work for an array of health conditions including symptoms associated with Long Covid. 

ACPOHE has updated the Assessment of Fitness for Work Course into a blended learning format which is great value for money.   Around 4 hours is undertaken independently utilising our online learning programme which is then followed by the face to face practical study day. 

Module 2 date:


NEW Dealing with Chronic Pain Cases in the Workplace

New blended learning online course from Glyn Smyth. By increasing your understanding of chronic pain, this course will help you to answer why some clients fail to get better and introduce to you a new approach that will enrich your practice. Approximately an hour of pre-course work, plus an interactive study morning. 


NEW Functional Rehabilitation For Work And Life (was Work Hardening)

Blended learning course. More details coming soon. If you would like to register your interest please contact our admin team on


NEW  Understanding health beliefs and behaviours: developing your skills for improved health outcomes - online course

This course aims to provide physiotherapists with knowledge of the cognitive behavioural approach to pain management. It aims to give physiotherapists the knowledge, skills and confidence to be able to communicate effectively with their patients in order to best understand their needs and to enable them to take responsibility for their pain. This will involve understanding the key psychological factors shown in research to predict recovery and focusing on identifying biopsychosocial ‘flags’ that might act as obstacles to improvement. There will be a strong focus on health behaviour change and ways to motivate patients to engage in treatment recommendations.

  • 2022 DATE TBC - 09:30 - 16.30 online via Teams Click here for more details. Access details will be sent once payment has been made.  

If you would like to register your interest please contact our admin team on




NEW Unit C - Office Ergonomics (DSE) Competency Test and Practical Study - face to face

This NEW, 1 day face to face study day is aimed at physiotherapists and other relevant health professionals who wish to receive a certificate of competency in Office Ergonomics Assessment and Management, actively learn more problem solving skills and have the opportunity to handle a variety of specialist office chairs and other DSE equipment.  A highly practical and interactive study day where two tutors will assess that you are competent to proficiently undertake this work.  A number of case studies will be discussed throughout this study day and there will be plenty of time to ask questions and debate with your colleagues.

Pre-Course Requirements 

You must have either completed Units 1 and 2 of ACPOHE's Office Ergonomics (DSE ) level 1 online blended learning course or similar training from an alternative training provider (evidence of this required).  In addition, please ensure that you have completed a minimum of 10 DSE assessments prior to attendance of this course.
Date and location to be confirmed soon.
Cost £185.00
If you have any questions about or would like to register your interest in this course this please contact

    For more information and to book on these courses click on the links. If you have any questions or would like to register your interest please contact our admin team on


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