ACPOHE Courses

ACPOHE regularly runs courses to enable physiotherapists to gain the specialist knowledge required to practice in this field. ACPOHE is working closely with The CSP to accredit all of the courses.

The courses are stand-alone.  If you are starting out in Occupational Health and Ergonomics, we recommend that you attend "Introduction to Occupational Health for Physiotherapists" and "Introduction to Applied Ergonomics for Physiotherapists" first as they introduce some of the basic concepts. Some of our courses such as "Office WorkStation Ergonomics (DSE) Level 2" is offered at a more advanced level for physiotherapists wishing to further expand their skills in a particular area and may have a number of pre-requisites.  Where any pre-requisites exist this will be clearly indicated in the course information.

Attendance at ACPOHE courses is open to all ACPOHE members.  We welcome attendance on our courses by non-members. However, we do encourage delegates of our courses to become an ACPOHE member as this will further support your professional practice in the areas that you have learnt about.  To simplify our administration we now request that you become a member first and you will then pay the reduced course fee.

Please address enquiries about course content to tutors and general and booking enquiries to ACPOHE admin at


Have a topic you want to hear about?

If you are interested in attending a course and there is as yet no dates arranged on the website please let our admin team know of your interest by sending an email to

We try and keep a list of courses that we provide on the website even if no dates have been arranged. 

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic our current courses are online only but we are hoping to resume in person courses as soon as we can. 


2021 - 2022 ACPOHE COURSES

Your place on the course will only be secured once payment has been processed.   In circumstances where a place is funded through the NHS or other organisation we still require full payment to secure your place and recommend you make a personal payment if the funding is delayed.  ACPOHE will reimburse any duplicate of payment, should this occur. 

Attendance on ACPOHE courses is open to all ACPOHE members at a reduced rate.  If you wish to benefit from the reduced rate for the ACPOHE courses then please ensure that ACPOHE membership is purchased first and then book the course as a member.  ACPOHE is unable to offer you membership and a £10 refund after you have attended to course that you booked on as a non-member. Membership is not included in the non-member cost of the course.   


For more information and to book on to any of these courses please contact our admin team on

Other courses run by ACPOHE:

  • Occupational Rehabilitation and Work Hardening
  • Office Workstation Ergonomics (DSE) Level 1
  • Office Workstation Ergonomics (DSE) Level 2
  • Manual Handling - Train the Trainer and Risk Assessment
  • Introduction to Occupational Health
  • Assessment of Fitness for Work - Coming Soon!
  • Enabling Patient Health Behaviour Change:  Psychological Tools and Techniques relating to Pain Management - Coming Soon!
  • NEW Remote DSE Assessment Best Practice


ACPOHE courses cancellation policy.

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