ACPOHE Course: Dealing with Chronic Pain Cases in the Workplace - online course

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Date: 16 September 2022

Time: 08:45 - 12:30

 Cost: ACPOHE Members £85.00

Location: Course – online

Dealing with Chronic Pain Cases in the Workplace

As OH Physiotherapists, we know that clients with Complex Chronic Pain can be difficult to manage. However, our understanding of chronic pain is changing, and we now know that stress, trauma and unresolved emotional experiences frequently underlie chronic pain. Given the right support these clients can recover and return to activity / work.    

By increasing your understanding of chronic pain, this course will help you to answer why some clients fail to get better and introduce to you a new approach that will enrich your practice.

After this interactive workshop, delegates will feel more confident to deal with complex pain cases, by having:

  • The assessment skills to determine if a patient’s chronic pain is nociceptive and/or a mind-body symptom (i.e. caused by unresolved emotion or stress)
  • Simple but effective treatment techniques to help people manage their pain and improve clinical outcomes
  • Increased understanding of the pathophysiology of chronic pain and how to explain this to patients
  • Strategies to improve therapeutic alliance with patients
  • Resources for patients and further learning


Learning Objectives

This training will equip OH physiotherapists with the skills and resources to better manage complex pain cases in the workplace. Skills that include:

  1. Understanding the pathophysiology of chronic pain and mind-body symptoms
  2. Understanding pain as an output of the brain produces in response to threat – be that physical, emotional and/or environmental (including work)
  3. Understanding how unresolved emotions / stress can cause pain and how these ‘prediction errors’ can be resolved
  4. Assessment tools to differentiate between structural disorders (pain) and mind-body symptoms
  5. Explaining chronic pain in clear and compassionate to patients and colleagues (mangers, OHPs, etc.)
  6. Simple techniques to reduce pain and improve functional capability
  7. Know when to put on the brakes
  8. Identify and recommend adjustments to support employees in the workplace
  9. Resources for patients and professionals

This course entails 1 hour of pre-course study plus a 'live' interactive 3.5 hour online study session.   

Maximum number of delegates: 8.


Presenter: Glyn Smyth - Chartered Physiotherapist and Chartered Ergonomist

Glyn has had a special interest in chronic pain all his working life and has worked in pain services both in the NHS and privately. 

Over the past few years Glyn’s understanding and treatment of chronic pain has changed fundamentally. Following on from the work of Dr John Sarno and the latest research evidence, Glyn believes that most people can recover from chronic pain given the right support.

In 2020, Glyn set up Living Without Pain to help people to recover from chronic pain and live life to the full. 

The pain recovery programme Glyn has developed at Living Without Pain can be delivered online or in person to both individuals and groups. And brings about dramatic changes in people’s lives. 

As well supporting individuals, Glyn’s background in occupational health and vocational rehabilitation makes him uniquely qualified to support corporate clients, VR / Case managers and OH providers with the complex pain cases.

Glyn is an experienced presenter, who has an interactive and entertaining teaching style. He has delivered courses, seminars and papers on occupational health, ergonomics, work-related injuries, assessing fitness for work, managing musculoskeletal disorders and pain recovery programmes. Lecturing to organisations, universities, patient groups and healthcare professionals.



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