ACPOHE Study Day 2023 - Chair’s Round Up

On Friday 17th November, ACPOHE hosted our 2023 study day and AGM. It was a huge success and was fantastic to see so many members attending and participating in rich discussion throughout the day.  

The morning offered educational sessions, led by external, expert speakers. Greet Jannsens and Stephanie Phillips, with contributions from Saadiyah Hussein, colleagues from the CSP DisAbility network discussed the importance of breaking down barriers in the workplace whilst Heather McLellan, OH Physiotherapist presented on the importance of vocational rehabilitation in the workplace and the recently published stroke vocational rehabilitation guidelines. Heather provided a very personal and honest case study and Greet and Steph opened up important discussions on the application of reasonable adjustments in the workplace.  

Following a short networking break, an expert panel discussed legal and governance topics. This session generated a lot of interest and great discussion with Mark Landon, employment solicitor on legal requirements for OH professionals and employers when reasonable adjustments are recommended. There was also presentations on the newly published SEQOHS standards by Dr Robin Cordell and the recent HCPC changes by Clare Aldridge from the CSP. Following these presentations, members were able to ask specific questions relating to these topics as well as discuss the importance of governance frameworks and how this benefits practice both professionally and legally.  

Prior to lunch, we held a short ‘dragon's den’ for each of the suppliers who kindly sponsored the event. This was an opportunity to understand what they offered and we learnt more about prizes that could be won! Lunchtime was energetic and lively. Members networked with new and existing colleagues, spoke with the committee, took time to view the supplier stands and view the various research posters.  

The 2023 AGM was held following lunch. This provided the membership with an update on committee activity from throughout the year and plans for 2024. There was a number of constitutional changes proposed and voted on following rich discussion from the membership. A highlight of the AGM was the short presentation from nominees to join the committee and we are pleased that all 6 nominees were successful voted on to the committee as either a a full or co-opted member. We welcome; Lina Chauhan, Lasse Flossand, Nicola Lomax, Jon Hill, Angela Webster and Julianne Jameson to the committee. 


The afternoon saw members engage in 2 of the 4 workshops offered, these included:

  1. Blue and Black Flags in the Workplace and the Context of Protected Characteristics led by Colette Owen, ACPOHE, Greet Jannsens, CSP DisAbility network and Paul Rees, CSP LGBTQIA+ network where the Coin Model of Privilege and reframing critical allyship in healthcare were introduced, with case studies to explore health inequities and blue and black flags 
  2. Business Skills – Top Tips for Proposals, Tenders and Service Level Agreements led by Alex Bell, ACPOHE 
  3. Having Difficult Conversations to Facilitate Behavioural Change led by Prof. Colin Greaves, University of Birmingham  
  4. What is Reasonable? Adjustments in the Workplace to Empower led by Juliet Raine, ACPOHE and Steph Phillips, CSP DisAbility network 


We have received great feedback on the day and in particular about the workshops as they provided the opportunity for in-depth discussion and learning.  

We hope members enjoyed the event as much as we did. We encourage members to provide feedback so that we can continue to develop and enhance the offerings at next year's study day. I’d also like to thank Birmingham University for hosting the event and the committee, in particular Juliet Raine and Glykeria Skamagki, for all their hard work in organising such an interactive and engaging study day. 

We look forward to 2024 as we have exciting plans to engage further with our membership and develop and improve training, resources and communication pathways. As mentioned during the study day, if you would like to be involved in project work, please do not hesitate to get in touch. 

Look forward to seeing you again at the 2024 study day if not before. 


Nicola Suckley 

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