Nominations for the King’s Honours List

The Department of Health and Social Care have been in touch with the CSP to encourage nominations for the King’s Honours List.


The CSP held a webinar on national honours in April with Karen Middleton who sits on the Health and Social Care honours committee – the slides from that meeting are below as a reminder.

The nomination form is embedded below. Note, there is no set deadline for making a nomination, they accept completed forms throughout the year. However, to be considered for the next available round the completed form will need to be received by the end of August 2023, forms received after this will be considered for the following round.

If you have any questions or require any advice on making a nomination, further information can be found in the ebmedded FAQs & Guidance document attached.

All the forms and information can also be found online here too:

If you need any advice on applications please get in touch with the CSP.


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