COVID-19 Update

ACPOHE would advise that you liaise directly with the employer that you are engaging with to understand what their interpretation of the government guidelines of what “essential services” are within the context of their own operating system.   While there could be an argument that OH Physiotherapy is not an essential service within the wider health care system, this may be prioritised based on the sector that you are working in such as blue light services and NHS trusts.  

We are reviewing our current course schedule and will be contacting you directly to advise on the next steps if you are already booked onto any of our courses.

The CSP are also producing guidance for Physio’s who are being recalled into mainstream care and they expect this t be added to their site in the next day or so.  Additional guidance on extending the reach and implementation for remote consultations is also in development.  These may all be relevant to our membership so we urge you to remain vigilant.  

Please be aware that the guidance is changing daily and so please follow the resources below for additional guidance.  

For guidelines on the general profession from the CSP se the following link  

For OH specific guidance available is available at the Faculty of Occupational Medicine ( 

For general guidance we would advise you to consult the .gov website ( as well as the NHS website on the importance of remote working (

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