ACPOHE Committee member Dr Glykeria Skamagki attends 23rd World Congress on Safety and Health at Work

ACPOHE Committee member Dr Glykeria Skamagki attended the 23rd World Congress on Safety and Health at Work in Sydney at the end of 2023 to share her research on sustainable employability focusing on the ageing workforce, women, and those with chronic musculoskeletal disorders. She's written up her take on the conference for us. 

23rd World Congress on Safety and Health at Work in Sydney, 2023

The 23rd World Congress on Safety and Health at Work in Sydney marked a pivotal event in the journey towards global workplace safety and health. The conference focused on the challenges and innovations in adapting to the rapidly evolving world of work.


Key highlights included:

  • Global Collaboration in a Connected World: The event showcased the importance of international collaboration in adapting to new work realities.
  • Diverse and Innovative Workshops: A series of workshops covered crucial topics like technological integration in risk management, psychosocial hazard work redesign, and leadership in safety and psychological well-being.
  • Special Focus Sessions: Unique sessions like the Yarning Circle and InspireX provided insights into specific areas such as empowering women in workplace safety.
  • Future-Proofing Workplaces: The conference facilitated discussions on managing traditional and emerging risks in various sectors, presenting innovative solutions and best practices.


Glykeria's Contributions:

Assistant Professor Dr Glykeria Skamagki, participated in a panel discussion at the congress focusing on the aging workforce. Her key insights included:

  • Understanding the Aging Workforce: Glykeria shared her expertise on the challenges posed by the aging workforce and the increasing prevalence of CMSDs.
  • Research and Advocacy: Her work aims to bridge the gap between workplace demands and the health needs of older employees, advocating for effective contribution without compromising well-being.
  • Highlighting Silent Endurance and 'Leaveism': She discussed the tendency of older workers to endure silently and use annual leave for health issues, emphasizing the need for better workplace policies.
  • Emphasizing Empathy and Communication: Glykeria stressed the importance of empathy and open communication, advocating for a supportive culture where older workers feel valued.
  • Focus on Specific Groups: She highlighted the need for tailored attention for certain groups within the aging workforce, like those with chronic inflammatory conditions and older women.
  • Proactive Approach to OSH: Her participation emphasized the importance of a proactive approach to OSH and the benefits of an inclusive work environment.

Click here to read an interview with Glykeria about the topic she presented. 

23rd World Congress on Safety and Health at Work in Sydney
23rd World Congress on Safety and Health at Work in Sydney

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