Invitation to participate in research supporting the ageing workforce with long-term muscle and joint pain

You are invited to participate in an NIHR funded project led by the University of Birmingham. The JOINTWORKs project is led by our Research officer, Dr Glykeria Skamagki, aiming to support the ageing workforce with chronic musculoskeletal disorder (CMSDs)  to sustain employability.  

You are invited to participate as OH experts in a 2-hour online workshop in early April to discuss good strategies and challenges of supporting the musculoskeletal health of older employees at work and co-create a vision/plan of what are the ideal parameters/criteria for a programme that can work.  A similar workshop has already taken place with people with CMSDs and managers.

After the initial 2 hour online discuss you will then be invited, alongside other stakeholder groups (people with CMSDs, managers, policy managers, EDI managers etc) to the University of Birmingham in a face-to-face workshop in early May (9th) to meet all stakeholders groups and work together and co-develop these strategies.  You may be able to attend only one of the workshops or both. All expenses are paid.  

Contact Glykeria if you are interested in taking part in this project: or

More details in the poster below which you can also download.

 Poster for research supporting the ageing workforce

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