Recruiting for University of Nottingham's Pain at Work Feasibility Trial

Wendy Chaplin, a researcher for the University of Nottingham's Pain at Work Trial, is running a trial of a toolkit called Pain at Work which is designed to help people manage chronic pain at work. It’s an online package with the option of getting support from an occupational therapist over the phone with tips and advice on how to manage pain in the workplace (e.g., reasonable adjustments, self-care, etc):

We are recruiting employers for our study (to either get access to the toolkit or not and then we will compare employee outcomes).  

We are recruiting any type of organisation that employs more than 10 people. Organisations sign up then send information out to all employees, and employees can sign up individually if they’re interested. We ask employees to complete 3 surveys and some of them will be invited to take part in an interview to share their views about the toolkit and whether / how they used it. The invitation document can be downloaded below. If you have any questions about this, please contact Wendy directly using the information in the invitation. 

Number of subscribers: 1

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