Regional networks

Please contact your regional network contact if you want to get involved or if you have any interesting topics/presenters in mind.

Regional Network Contacts

RegionContact Person

South West

Nicola Gowen

South Central

Benita Coates

South East (combined with London )

Position Vacant - contact Katherine Roberts

London (combined with South East)

Kathryn Roberts

West Midlands

Gloria Franco

East Midlands

Tim Rickard

Yorkshire and Humber

Mark Forrester

North West

Rob Kelly

North East


Neeraj Nayyar

Heather O’Neil


Amanda Jones



Hazel Rudder

Northern Ireland

Position Vacant - Please email Katherin Roberts if you are interested in this position on

East of England

Position vacant - contact Katherine Roberts

For more information on your next regional meeting please contact your Regional Co-Ordinator or see our e-news and journal.