Corporate Membership

Who can apply for Corporate membership?

This is for larger organisations that employ 5 or more members of The CSP who have an interest in occupational health and gives a 20% discount.  However, organisations taking corporate membership will need to demonstrate that they have achieved or are working towards SEQOHS accreditation. 

Cost is £40 (with 20% discount) per annum.

This would be for new members and existing members to complete at renewal date.  If a Corporate member becomes a Technical or Registered member they would have the same discount applied.

Benefits of Corporate membership: 

  • Receive monthly ACPOHE e-newsletters.
  • Receive the ACPOHE journal.
  • Access to the Member Zone of the ACPOHE website.  This contains:
  • Guidance documents.
  • Resources to support CPD, including reading list and links.
  • ACPOHE annual pay and grading scales.
  • Recent ACPOHE journals.
  • Lists of relevant educational opportunities in the UK.
  • Reduced rates for ACPOHE courses and conferences.
  • Access to regional CPD groups.
  • Advice on request for issues within the fields of Occupational Health and Ergonomics.
  • Benefit from the work of ACPOHE in promoting occupational health physiotherapy to employers, other health care professionals and the general public.
  • Right to vote on ACPOHE matters and self- nominate to hold office on ACPOHE Executive committee.

Additional benefits:

  • Free access to complete the new ACPOHE OH Essentials E–learning Module 1 an introduction to occupational health and Module 2 Report writing and completion of Fitness For Work reports.

Join now 

Buy corporate membership now - contact our Admin Office via email ( with your organisation name and list of individuals who will become ACPOHE members.


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