CSP professional awards - call for nominations/applications

Nominate a CSP member or directly apply for a CSP recognition award of a Fellowship or a Distinguished Service Award (DSA). Both current and retired chartered physiotherapists and our associate members are eligible to apply/be nominated.

CSP professional awards - call for nominations/applications

From the CSP: CSP Council awards Fellowships and Honorary Fellowships to CSP members who have made an outstanding contribution to, and impact on, the advancement of physiotherapy over a sustained period. CSP Council also confers Distinguished Service Awards on members who have provided outstanding long-term service to the CSP or its members, and that includes service to a Professional Network. The CSP has awarded nearly 500 Fellowships and DSA’s in its history, but recently the number of nominations has declined, although we know that members are continuing to innovate in practice and contribute excellence to the range of activities that our networks provide. Our January Frontline showcased our 2023 awardees https://www.csp.org.uk/frontline/article/professional-award-winners to give you an idea of recipients.

A CSP recognition award is not just the icing at the end of career, and we’d like more members in mid-career being recognised for their outstanding work. We’d also like the diversity of award recipients to reflect the diversity of the profession, as well as wider society, and for more members to get the recognition they deserve. Full application/nomination information is on our dedicated webpages here https://www.csp.org.uk/about-csp/how-we-work/awards. We have revised the process to make it clearer, and to be clear on the scoring criteria. The Professional Awards Team is also able to answer any questions you may have via professionalawards@csp.org.uk

So, if you are a CSP member, or know a CSP member, who has contributed excellence in either service or innovation within your specialist area of  – please do apply or nominate for a recognition award – You deserve it!

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