Start PACE setting today – and help identify Covid-19 rehab needs

Dear ACPOHE Members,

Please could we encourage you to support the following audit.  While our membership may not directly deliver community rehabilitation, we believe that the voice of our membership should still be heard.  Click HERE for more details.

Kind regards,

Miles Atkinson


Please go to to enter the PACE audit.

The audit is open until Friday 31 July and to take part, you simply need to complete a survey for each relevant patient. It will take less than five minutes. You can either download the app onto your chosen device so that you can take part on-the-go, or complete the survey directly from the link.

Please encourage your colleagues to take part and be PACE setters. The more detail inputted, the more accurate and useful the results will be.

Thank you for taking the time to get involved.

Kind regards

Ruth Ten Hove
Assistant Director


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