Help Shape the future of Musculoskeletal (MSK) care

NHS England and The Joint DHSC DWP Work & Health Directorate invite you to shape the future of Musculoskeletal (MSK) care.

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NHS England and The Joint DHSC DWP Work & Health Directorate invite you to shape the future of Musculoskeletal (MSK) care.

The government and NHS England are committed to improving MSK outcomes, including supporting community MSK services. Significant funding for MSK was announced in the Spring 2023 budget and MSK is a focus of the Major Conditions Strategy. We’re now ready to work with a range of partners to identify the issues, opportunities and support requirements to enhance outcomes for those with MSK conditions and tackle economic, social and physical inactivity. Emerging thinking from this engagement will influence many national policy areas including implementation of the Major Conditions Strategy, the Spring Budget 2023 deliverables, WorkWell, and NHS recovery and transformation.



Our goal is to collectively shape the next two years of work. We will be running several independent full day Accelerated Design Events in February and March where we want to combine your practical experience with the evidence that exists. The intention behind using an Accelerated Design Event methodology is to allow us to condense several months of meetings into a few days, to develop a usable framework for action and make productive use of your and our time. Attendance is encouraged for those who are working out what to do locally to transform and improve services and who want build relationships with other peers, national teams and new actors in MSK. The first two days are run consecutively on the 20th and 21st February in London and will be facilitated by NHS Horizons.



  • Tuesday 20th February: Innovation and Emergent Practice. Why we’re here and what we want to achieve? Where are we now? What innovation and best practice exists and what are barriers? What key choices will need to be made? What might the next steps be?
  • Wednesday 21st February: The Future of MSK Leadership. How are we going to do it? How can we support local and regional MSK leadership? 



Both days will be in central London and the location and exact times will be confirmed shortly. Please RSVP here by the 9th of February 2024.



This event is aimed towards anyone working at a local, system or regional level with an interest in Musculoskeletal care. There are no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ people, but it may include clinicians & professionals with an interest or focus on MSK; commissioners in health or local government; service providers; the physical activity sector; members of the public with an interest in MSK; local charities; provider; system and regional leads; employers; businesses and/or Academics. Please note colleagues can choose to attend either or both days.


You are encouraged to forward the invitation to people that you think will want to contribute.


Get Involved: Please RSVP here by the 9th February 2024.


You can ask questions in the RSVP form, or email with the subject header Future of MSK Care.

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