ACPOHE Recovering from Covid 19: RTW Guidance Document Released

This guidance has been developed by ACPOHE to assist all Physiotherapists and relevant healthcare professionals (HCPS's) in supporting employees to rehabilitate and successfully return-to-work following COVID-19.

The guidance provides advice on how to have relevant work conversations with patients in all clinical settings. It aims to educate the reader on the specialist role Occupational Health (OH) Physiotherapy plays in functionally rehabilitating a patient with COVID-19 to return-to-work, following a biopsychosocial and occupational approach.

Furthermore, specific guidance is provided to OH Physiotherapists on how to carry out assessment, intervention and management of employees returning to work following COVID-19.

Lastly, the guidance document it will equip all HCPs working in Occupational Health with the necessary guidance to encourage work conversations between employees, employers and key stakeholders and ensure a successful return-to-work with relevant adjustments and strategies.

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