The British Occupational Hygiene Society - Return to Work Guidance

The British Occupational Hygiene Society (BOHS) has issued guidance to its members on how to ensure a safe and healthy environment during the COVID-19 pandemic.  The guide is open access and available here.

They have brought together experts from their membership to advise on how best to address the direct and indirect consequences of the pandemic.

The guidance takes a risk-based approach to preventing disease spread, but also restarting industrial processes and facilities which may have become hazardous as a result of the unusually long shutdown.  It aims to help those with a responsibility for ensuring the immediate and long-term health of staff to prioritise and plan, as well as providing specific guidance on actions and signposting to other resources.

The guide is aimed at those with the responsibility of protecting the immediate and long-term health of their staff, to prioritise and plan, provide specific guidance on the actions to take and signpost to other useful resources that they can access, including referencing the SOM guidance.

Topics covered in this guidance include:

  • A risk based approach to restarting work.
  • Covid-19 control risk assessment.
  • Safe restart protocols.
  • A list of handy downloadable resources.

The guide is open access and available here.

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