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Colette Owen

ACPOHE Webinar: Sensory Disability in the Workplace 15/02/24

The final ACPOHE/DisAbility webinar will be about "Sensory Disability in the workplace".  The webinar will cover what a sensory disability is, lived experience examples, problems & barriers encountered in the workplace, and solutions. This will include how we can make the OH experience more accessible for a Sensory Disability service user.  

We are joined by the following speakers:

Greet Janssens: 
Greet graduated in Belgium with a BSC Physiotherapy in 1998 and then worked in private practice for 10 years, sharpening her interest and skills in respiratory physiotherapy with children and adults, alongside neuro development. Following Greet's move to the UK in 2008, she followed her passion in children’s physiotherapy. 

In November 2019, Greet had a stroke in the medulla oblongata, affecting mobility and causing chronic pain in the left side of her body. After returning to children’s physiotherapy, Greet realised how important it is to empathise with patients and families, particularly where neurological events changed their lives at birth or throughout their young lives. 

Greet's hearing impairment, along with the newer disability, means that she can contribute to the quality of newly qualified physiotherapists with a different ability and to those aspiring to become a physiotherapist. Becoming a convenor with the CSP DisAbility network is helping Greet make a difference to the educational, access and application experience, seeking a balance with prospective employers towards reasonable adjustments.


Verity Green: 
Deaf since a baby, I started to become dizzy age 6 and diagnosed bilateral Ménière’s disease age 11 (possibly wouldn’t give this diagnosis now but this was back then). I also have bilateral tinnitus. Treatments and surgery didn’t last, therefore I had chemical labyrinthectomy age 17 (intramuscular streptomycin- which presented its own issues). Recovery was interesting due to my age and going into the situation with a GB swimming background. This all meant I ended up retiring as a GB deaf swimmer. It in part inspired me to become a physio, but I soon realised the gaps for deaf, deafblind and VI in hospitals so I left to work freelance to challenge the social injustices I saw in health care. My condition worsened again and I was then diagnosed with vestibular migraine and visual snow - realising my baseline disabilities needed to be managed otherwise I would push myself too far and trigger the migraine issues. I’m registered ‘deafblind’ with social care under the deafblind care act because of the dual hearing and visual impairments (many people do not realise about this law, nor consider how the vestibular system impacting the vision can be applied). 

Because of the gaps I saw for deaf, deafblind people in my independent work I trained up in mental health. I’m also an IMHA, integrative counsellor, teacher (community, NHS, social care and University) and am undertaking a PhD integrating the mind and body for military veterans with long term conditions. I am fluent and qualified to level 6 in BSL and a qualified deafblind communicator guide, yet still find myself unlearning and relearning beliefs of disability and ‘deafhood’ from my childhood. 


Francesca Peplow:
Francesca graduated with an MSc in Physiotherapy in 2022. Since then she has been working as an MSK Physiotherapist for an NHS trust and is the Physio Matters First Steps team lead, responsible for organising and creating CPD content for students and therapists in their early careers. 

In summer 2017, Francesca suffered a rapid deterioration of a long-term respiratory condition and as a complication of this her hearing was substantially affected. She became a bilateral hearing aid wearer in 2019. This experience has been eye opening for Francesca and has helped her understand and empathise with the impact of health inequality. 

Francesca now uses her personal experiences to provide training on deaf awareness and communication skills. She has presented this training within her current NHS trust and has lectured at both King's College London and St Mary's University, Twickenham.



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