Registered Membership via Route 2


ACPOHE currently offers 7 courses covering a wide range of knowledge and skills in Occupational Health and applied ergonomics. 

Members who have completed 4* ACPOHE courses** are eligible to apply for registered membership via the short courses and case study route. Courses must include:
• An introduction to occupational health (including post course assignment);
• Applied Ergonomics

Plus 2 from the following:
• Office workstation ergonomics level 1
• Office workstation ergonomics level 2
• Assessing fitness for work and function
• Occupational rehabilitation and work hardening
• Communication for better outcomes: Using a cognitive behavioral approach in occupational health
• Work relevant upper limb disorders; prevention and management
• Moving and handling; preventing injury and ill health at work

*Members who undertook ACPOHE courses before 2008 (eg 3 day Introduction to Occupational Health and 3 day Applied Ergonomics) or previous versions can also apply for membership via this route. Please note that you do not need to have undertaken 4 of the current courses. You must provide your certificate of attendance for ACPOHE courses pre 2008.

**Courses from other organizations will be considered if it meets the following criteria:
• Course content must be consistent with ACPOHE course or suitably reflect the Level B requirements on the ACPOHE OH competency framework.
• The course MUST have an assessable component.
• The course must be supported by a higher education institute or other recognized professional body e.g. IOSH, HSE etc.
Applicants must submit their certificates of attendance for the eligible courses and where applicable their certificate to demonstrating that they passed the Introduction to Occupational Health Course.

Case study element: You must also submit one case study to demonstrate your work in the field. The evidence submitted for the case study should demonstrate that you meet the Level B requirements on the ACPOHE OH competency framework.

You must download the Registered Membership Handbook and follow the instructions in order to apply.

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