Business case support

You asked we answered!

Following the survey of our members (see link) you asked about advising on supporting literature or resources that would support in the Business development of Occupational Health Physiotherapy.

ACPOHE Resources

At previous conferences we have held some useful workshops focusing on Making a Case for Physiotherapy by Mark Armour and Setting up an On-site Physiotherapy Service by Stuart Patterson.  The passwords for these documents are DAY2ACPOHE2011 and ACPOHE2011DAY1 respectively.

Department of Health Resources

A number of guidance documents also exist from the DoH and CSP to help with the business development and promotion of physiotherapy.  Specifically the DoH has a workplace well-being tool which helps to determine the cost effectiveness of health promotion interventions in business:

CSP Resources

The CSP has the Physiotherapy Works series and the supporting literature and resources can be found here:

Other Resources

COPA Conference - A free conference that may be of use it the COPA Practice Growth event aimed at Chiropractors, Osteopaths, Physiotherapists, and Acupuncturists.  Please follow this link for info on their upcoming show. Click here for more info.

Physiofirst - In the past Physio First used to run their own business development courses.  At present they are not running anything at the moment, however, keep checking their website for any new courses they may offer

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