Introduction to Applied Ergonomics – NEW blended learning course

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Module 1: Will be available from 19th October 2020 for independent completion. Module 2: 26th November 2020 – 09:30 until 16:00
£250 for ACPOHE members (£310 for non-members)

Online / Zoom

United Kingdom

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Additional information / Directions

Module 1:

1-day Independent learning (online)

Will be available from 19th October 2020 for independent completion

Module 2: (must have completed module 1 first)

1-day Interactive session with tutor (online via Zoom)

Event Organiser

Kathy Roberts

Course Aims / Summary

To enable physiotherapists to develop the ability to conduct a competent ergonomics risk assessment in the workplace, predominantly concentrating on physical factors. A number of ergonomics risk assessment tools will be taught.  The delegate will be able to undertake an ergonomics assessment of an individual, or a small group, in a setting where the issues are mainly physical.  The delegate will be able to prepare a suitable report of such assessments, with recommendations to manage identified risk.

Course Objectives

On completion of both modules  course, delegates will be able to:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the systems approach to ergonomics
  • Demonstrate an understanding of participative ergonomics
  • Understand the evidence linking work factors and WRMSDs
  • Demonstrate an understanding of anthropometrics in design and be competent in utilising anthropometrics within assessments
  • Undertake a job analysis
  • Feel competent to identify physical ergonomic risk factors in a work setting
  • Utilise ergonomic risk assessment tools
  • Feel competent in making recommendations to reduce identified ergonomic risk
  • Plan an ergonomic assessment of an individual, or small group of people where the risk factors are mainly physical
  • Prepare a clear and logical report for assessments

*Please note, this course DOES NOT cover DSE workstation assessment


Kathy Roberts is a Registered Member of ACPOHE with 25 years’ experience in the field of Occupational Health and Ergonomics and will bring this course to life with case-studies and personal experience.   An expert educator and passionate about supporting physiotherapists to develop their skills and scope of practice in this area.    

Cost: £310 for non-members - Click here to book and online payment

£250 for ACPOHE members - Click here for members discount online payment link