ACPOHE AGM and Webinar - Working from home - what really matters?

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4pm - 5-15pm

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Zoom Webinar
United Kingdom

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Working from home - what really matters? Followed by the ACPOHE AGM

Tuesday 1st December: 4:00-5:15pm

Working from home - what really matters? Ash James (4:00-4:30pm)

A whistle stop tour of the evidence and thoughts around what should and shouldn’t matter when looking to maintain

MSK health when working from home. We will look into the evidence around ergonomics, posture and back pain to try

and make sense what is best for prevention and treatment.

ACPOHE Annual AGM 2020: Miles Atkinson (4:30-5:15pm)

Please join us for our Annual General Meeting where we will be giving an update of the key activities of the ACPOHE

Committee over the past year.

The session should last 30 minutes where the following will be covered:
• Presentation of Annual Report
• Adoption of Annual Report
• Presentation of Accounts
• Adoption of Accounts
• Appointment of Auditors/Independent Examiner
• Election of Executive Committee/Office Bearers
• Motions to be put to the AGM
• Any Other Business
• Closing remarks

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